To find Health should be the
object of the physician.
Anyone can find disease.
A.T. Still

Call 01204361463 for your appointment.

Whatever your problem, you will have Alex's undivided attention for your appointment, to listen to your problem, explore your symptoms and do his best to give you the most appropriate and effective treatment, tailored specifically to you.

Alex has been practicing Osteopathy for over fourteen years, is an expert in dealing with all types of injuries and is experienced in treating people who complain of joint problems, muscle injuries, nerve pain, spinal pain including neck pain, upper back pain and lower back pain. Same day or next-day appointments are availble for people suffering from, amongst other things, "frozen shoulder", headaches, sciatica, work and sports related injuries and repetitive strain injuries with excellent results.

Alex cares for Sportsmen and women of all abilities, including professional footballers from the local FA Championship & Premier League clubs, England, Norway, Nigeria & Australian International football teams, other elite athletes and the cast of popular international touring dance shows like 'Lord of the Dance', so you know you are in very good hands.

The clinic also has a lot of experience working with babies and children whose parents complain they have various conditions ranging from feeding problems to sleeping difficulties and many others.

Now Offering 'Suspended Treatments'